If you stumble, make it part of the dance

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Another post for the newbies:

If you fall off your stool, laugh along with the crowd. If you trip in front of the class, make a joke. Remind your students that we all have those moments. Then just keep teaching.

Bad moments can be teachable moments. As we get our feet back in order, we have a chance to tell the class in a nonpreachy way how to treat people who stumble. If a student starts to make fun of you, shut that thread down with a few short observations on kindness and other people’s feelings. You might segue into a class discussion about how to treat fellow classmates during their own embarrassing faux pas. Your clumsiness can be a great opportunity for whole child education.

Don’t accept disrespect, however. Don’t let anyone put you down. The fine line between letting them laugh with you and letting them make fun of you must not be crossed.