In the End There’s No Substitute for Hard Work

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Some kids are absolutely allergic to hard work.

“That’s too much work!” those kids say when they get a long assignment. I really don’t understand why they are complaining. They don’t do the work anyway.

I know who will return the homework. I know who usually won’t. What I’m a little unclear on is why my nonreturners have to complain. What work? Often the assignment never even makes it out of their locker.

Eventually, I am calling home, making out homework logs, and issuing daily reminders. Parents are checking in. And lots of the time, I still never see that work.

P.S. I read this and think maybe readers will think that this is my problem and not a general problem. I assure anyone reading that homework is a huge problem in our lowest-scoring schools. I have colleagues who no longer give homework because they gave up on getting it back.