Mandatory tutoring

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I volunteered to tutor. This will be an afterschool commitment, but I don’t care. Of all the changes for the upcoming year, mandatory tutoring stands at the top of the new administration’s great ideas. You don’t pass the test, you retake the test. We provide the tutoring you need to get there.

Eduhonesty: Fair is not equal. Students where I live manage to get into America’s very best colleges using the standard 180-day school year. Their parents embrace summer, a time for camp and family activities. But students where I work are barely managing to get into college and many are unprepared for the academic work expected. When I last looked, the average ACT was more than 10 points lower where I work than where I live, 36 being the top score possible. Those low results call for mandatory afterschool tutoring and an all-year school year, with optional schooling available during breaks.