More devils in more details

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The largest school district in Kansas has chosen not to participate in a federal program for free meals to all students at no cost to their families. I offer the following from the article I read:

“The logistical problem that comes into play is adding this massive amount of paperwork to the already massive enrollment process,” he said. “So what happens is, sometimes parents refuse.


“What’s their incentive for doing this paperwork when they’re going to get free lunch anyway?”


Last year’s form “looked like an IRS form or something, with real small type and tons of information,” Kipp said. “So I could understand the apprehension.”

Read more here from Suzanne Perez Tobias at the Wichita Eagle:
Eduhonesty: I offer this as yet another example why government intervention in education has been making so many of us miserable. Year by year, government programs add to requirements. They rarely streamline anything. For any readers who doubt this, I suggest you look at your tax forms. We are a nation of TurboTaxers, in no small part because wading through our tax forms has become an utterly daunting experience.