Nuking the minions

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Testing makes my day easy. Nevertheless, that’s two days of testing this week and one of those required tests barely relates to content that has been taught in class. I spent 164 minutes today on a test that I fully expect will have nuked my class. I doubt anyone passed. I’m doubt anyone CAN pass. I morally object to this test. But every math class in the grade is expected to simultaneously administer this travesty of an assessment instrument. So I did. As tenure becomes attenuated, careful teachers don’t take chances. I can be fired. Refusing to give that test would be insubordination.

Eduhonesty: I reassure my class that this test will not figure into their grade. It’s only for data-gathering purposes. I tell them to do their best. I try to convince them that data matters. I put on the music. I hand out the tests. I field multiple complaints. The tests roll on.