An observation on failure

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“You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.”
~ Beverly Sills

Why I worry about the Common Core and this relentless testing: Some of these kids HAVE given up and are no longer trying. You have to think there is some chance of success in order to try. Inappropriate tests make kids feel stupid and defeated.

Eduhonesty: Too much disappointment may doom our less resilient students. We have to test but we need to shift away from (or de-emphasize) tests we know students will effectively fail. If the kid doesn’t speak English yet, exempt him! Or give him a test related to his English-language learning instead. If the kid’s in special education due to learning difficulties, give him a simplified version of the test.

For adults out there: It’s a lot like regularly having job reviews that are testing you on skills you don’t and can’t possess. Then the Powers that Be make sure you know you failed, supposedly to encourage you to do better.

Hmmmm. The above observation makes me think of some Charlotte Danielson teaching reviews I know of.