On the plus side of the ledger

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I need a few more plusses. Let’s start with this one: I am never bored during the actual school day except when in meetings, and I remember from corporate life that everyone is sometimes or regularly bored in meetings. My work remains challenging. Once the day starts, I am on a rocket ride to the other side. Time never slows except in meetings. Even meetings can be a welcome break if you don’t listen too hard. I contribute to meetings regularly. Whether I am fascinated by the minutiae of the lesson plan or not, I have always been a talker and I do like to improve things around me. Student responses always interest me. Trying to keep student attention engages me. Finding a tenth way to say the same thing to the same student, in hopes an idea will somehow connect, helps me to think outside my personal boxes.

Eduhonesty: I never have a dull day — frustrating and crazy days, yes, but never dull. I often have fun moments with my kids. I don’t have to sit. I don’t have to stand. If I am a caged bird in this time of HyperTesting, at least I occupy a super-large cage filled with construction paper, scissors and protractors. My cage has cheery walls covered with inspirational sayings, along with decorated pieces of construction paper, marshmallows and toothpicks. I have a trapped audience who share my fondness for marshmallows, toothpicks, construction paper and scissors, although maybe not protractors.

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was a financial analyst. I read annual reports all day and assessed corporate credit-worthiness. For all the perks of that job, I’d rather teach.