Selling college

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If I ask a classroom of middle-school students or even elementary students how many of them intend to go to college, every hand in the room is likely to go up. They know the right answer to that question, even if they are fuzzy on the details. Many or most of those hands will still be up in the freshman and sophomore year of high school, although I’m sure that by that time some students are just trying to duck the lecture they expect to get if they don’t raise their hand.

Eduhonesty: We have sold these kids on the product “college” very effectively. But many of these kids are not ready for college and some never will be. Some of these college-bound students will tell you they hate to read and don’t like school. Some are reading multiple years behind grade level and almost never do their homework except in spurts when I call home. These kids are extremely unlikely to succeed in college.

America needs a realistic vocational/technical track instead of this one-size-fits-all college plan.