Snapchatting away

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Snapchat is a mobile-only social network that allows people to send automagically deleting photos and messages. Like other apps of its kind, this site has become especially popular with teenagers who do not always understand that any image that pops up on a phone can be saved or retrieved. All they see is the pesky trail of evidence evanescing, leaving only a memory of a text or photo — unless that photo has been deliberately saved as a screenshot. Sexting becomes simpler. Gang-related and other illegal communications become safer and more comfortable.

Snapchat obviously has many legitimate uses, such as sending pictures of goofy selfies and delicious tacos. The fact that the site can be misused does not detract from its many other fun uses. Still, I am going to pass on a URL from Forbes for parents or teachers who have not paid attention to those automagical deletions that many teenagers favor:

Eduhonesty: Personally, I am always nervous about content my children and students don’t want me to see.