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I have been stormchasing for years, finding and following the tornados falling down out of the modern educational skies. Soon, I’ll lose access to the stories provided by one of the most academically-challenged districts in Illinois. I still love kids and I still love teaching, but I don’t think I can teach the kids I want to teach within the current educational climate. I’ve given my last unreadable, incomprehensible required test. I have to go.

I don’t think the kids are better for my departure, but I know I will be. I worry I’ve left this retirement too long. Teaching has impacted my health in the last few years. I’ve fought too many no-win scenarios. From the 304 or so textbook pages I was required to cover in Spanish I a few years ago to the I-have-no-idea-how-many-nonsensical-tests I was required to administer this year, I’ve struggled to meet irrational expectations that seemed to do more harm than good when looking at the big picture.

I think it’s time to catch up on my leisure reading.

Eduhonesty: I am not planning to vanish, however. This blog will continue. Many children are being used as test fodder in reprehensible, academic experiments. I hope to be a voice for those children.