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Sometimes there is too much negativity.

Let me observe that a New Smart Board has arrived in my classroom. Real technology! The Smart Board is an interactive whiteboard that is a combination white screen and computer, operating as part of a system that includes the board, my computer, a projector and some software. A projector displays the image from my computer on the interactive whiteboard. Students can use a special pen to provide touch input to solve problems and indicate answers.

This may prevent some of my secret sneaking into the computer lab. Friday was crazy as we finished projects there and I put them on flash drives. Someday perhaps some of our technology will actually PRINT, but one step at a time.

In the meantime, the new Smart Board takes up much of my two-toned back wall. They removed the bolted bookcase, which had been painted around, and the tiles below with the two-toned paint look a bit silly, but nobody is really looking. The students are quite intrigued by the new board. They will be amazed when they realize what it can do.

Also on the positive side: I have an absolutely awesome principal. I would follow him to Mars.