The Catholic school option

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I think about leaving education and I end up pondering the private school system as a possible retreat after this year. I don’t want to leave teaching. I want to leave public education. I am tired of irrational testing. I am not tired of teaching. I am tired of administrators who don’t listen or who can’t understand. I am tired of scary administrators who threaten people to get what they want.

I am not tired of my students.

Eduhonesty: I have a full day’s work ahead of me to get ready for school tomorrow. Much of it relates to a standardized test I had to give this week which is not a bubble test. It’s a tough set of tests to grade, although at least I get useful information from the process. But I am buried in tests. These tests are taken directly from instructional time. I would like my instructional time back. My students would know a lot more if I could teach them more and test them less.

I’m beginning to sound like that proverbial broken record on this topic. Do our students even know what a broken record is? I doubt it. Vinyl has become vintage. I fear I am becoming vintage as well, but I still know a great deal of useful information. I’d like to find someplace to share that information with kids if I could.