What do they dream?

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When I was young, I took tests in my sleep sometimes. I often woke up doing homework. I am pretty sure I solved many math problems during the night. I would go to bed confused, wake up and, suddenly, I knew my answer. Voila!

I play computer games in my sleep now. I am sure my students do too. Days’ activities follow us into the night.

We need to make sure we assign enough homework.  It’s difficult to compete with the interactive fun of the phone. Some of our students appear to be hard-wired to their personal electronics today.

Many of our students are probably playing Clash of Clans all night, whether they are asleep or awake. I would like a little algebra to enter the mix. Or plate tectonics. Or a few cotton gins. There’s controversy over homework, but research indicates that at least an hour a day benefits our students. That hour should be a regular feature of the average student’s day.

We have to try to take back the night.