Why teach?

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You get to help kids. America’s children are often fun and always interesting. 
You don’t have to sit but you can. You get to move around freely.
You work much harder sometimes than many people realize, but you are not stuck in an office. 
Lots of vacation time.
The money’s not great — but it’s not bad if you consider the work year.
In the right district, teaching can be creative. (This is no longer necessarily true: Sometimes the vise of common lesson plans will sap creativity. Not everyone can make their own lessons nowadays.)
You are doing something that will affect the future.

To anyone thinking of entering the field: Find out how lesson planning is done. Will you be able to create your own lessons to teach content? This one question may affect how much you enjoy your job more than any other question. If creativity is part of why you want to teach, make sure the district will allow you to be creative.